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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Supplements to Increase / Boost Alertness (Top 5 Alertness Increasing Supplements)

One thing that irritates me, and I'm sure it irritates most of those reading this blog, is that searching the Internet for a phrase like ''alertness increasing'' or ''energy-boosting supplements'' often comes up with very generic, and often unfounded sources. We see articles from sites like 'livestrong' and others, which often are very vague, and give more instructions on using supplements than providing proof they actually relate to the title in question. 

When all else fails, who do you turn to? I turn to PubMed. The health line and public database of the NIH has consistently been a great place to find research and to validate certain supplements - now, it isn't perfect either, but at least studies like this one exist with a certain numeral code assigned to them. 

So what we are looking at today, are proven ways (supplements) to increase alertness. Not energy, not motivation, but alertness. Being attentive, aware, aroused, and able to engage. Any activity, even something as trivial as watching TV demands some degree of alertness. If you want to enjoy it at least.

I want to pass off my knowledge to my readers, here.

| 5 Supplements Proven to Increase Alertness Significantly |
NOTE: As always, the numbers in the brackets are citations, click the numbers to see proof for the supplement in question.

  1. Modafanil / Adrafanil [1] [2] [3] : Modafanil isn't technically a supplement, but Adrafanil is. However, each of them are almost the same substance. Modafanil is actually a medication for narcolepsy and other vigilance disorders, which recently has been used as a 'smart-drug' for increasing readiness for Tests/Exams, for increasing reaction time, for enhancing math skills and for speeding up most memory processes. Now, while it hasn't been proven to increase intelligence per se, it has been proven to rapidly, and dramatically improve alertness in virtually everyone who takes it. Adrafanil, once ingested, converts into modafanil and modafanil then carries out most of it's alerting actions. Modafanil should be dosed at 100 mg to start, unless one is sensitive to stimulants, then 50 mg should be very gradually worked up to 100 mg and maybe 200 mg if necessary. Adrafanil should be dosed at 200 mg per day to start, gradually working up to 500-600 mg if necessary. Modafanil can be bought here @Napsgear, and Adrafanil can be bought at Ceretropic. Modafanil is pills, and adrafanil is powder.
  2. Korean Ginseng [4] [5] : Korean and Asian Ginseng (aka the ''Panax'' variety, panax ginseng) are among the most used supplements in the world. You probably recall them being spiked into Monster Energy Drinks, and that makes a good point, you aren't just getting the energy from the Caffeine but the complementary effects of Ginseng and Taurine which act as a fast ''pick-me-up''. Arizona Energy drinks, those cheap 99 cent drinks are spiked with Ginseng for energy, only the green and yellow ones labeled with it though. They are all popular, and for good reason. Ginseng works, it's proof is well-documented and well-liked in both providing energy and boosting alertness. It's also one of the cheapest supplements available, cheap and effective. Solgar & Barlowe's tend to be the highest quality and most cost-effective Ginseng brands.
  3. Caffeine [6] [7] : Now, in theory, Caffeine should have been second on this list, but so many people know about it that it wouldn't have made much of a surprise, plus, Ginseng tends to have more energizing qualities than Caffeine in many ways, if I could, I would rank them both on #2. Caffeine is the most reliable, cheap, and absolutely effective alertness booster on the planet. Only in that order though, it is reliable, it is cheap, and is an alertness booster. Is it stronger than modafanil and adrafanil? No. Does it do the job? Yes. There's no debating that, Caffeine will remain on this list and on everyone else's list, probably forever. ProLab & JetAlert are the most reliable brands.
  4. Piracetam [8] [9] : Piracetam is a true ''smart-drug'', it's uses and benefits have been proven time and time again, in both the aging and the young. Piracetam reliably improves memory, alertness, motivation and attention. It is the most commonly used memory-booster worldwide and has profound effects on mental well-being as it is taken. Long-term supplementation improves the integrity and health of multiple brain regions, improves nerve function in general, and may possess anti-depressant properties. I recommend Ceretropic's Piracetam.
  5. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine [10] [11] : N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, or NALT for short, is a efficiently absorbed ultra-potent version of the amino acid L-Tyrosine, which is used to increase brain dopamine levels. NALT is also a strong alertness booster, one that is lighter in nature compared to say, Caffeine and Modafanil, but one that substantially increases the effects and benefits of both of those drugs, one or the other. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine should be dosed at 350 mg once a day to start, then working up to 1000 mg (1 gram) or more per day. Do not exceed 1,500 MG of N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine in any one day. I recommend PowderCity's N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Area-1255's Adrenal Revival Stack (A Supplement Stack Intended to Support Adrenal Function and Correct Low Blood Pressure)

This stack is intended to correct adrenal insufficiency and normalize blood pressure in hypotensive individuals. It consists of 5 specific supplements which all work at different levels to restore adrenal function and to do so in a quick manner. These supplements are not drugs but should be discussed with a Physician prior to use. Only the person in question knows, or has access to their medical history.

  1. Caffeine + NALT (N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine) : This combination product by Ceretropic contains the perfect balance of Caffeine and N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine in a liquid solution. Caffeine boosts adrenal and nervous system function by blocking adenosine receptors [1] and NALT supports adrenal function by directly acting as a precursor to important hormones called catecholamines (pronounced, kat-uh-cole-uh-meens) [2] [3].
  2. Super Rhodiola : Super Rhodiola is not a traditional rhodiola rosea product, no, instead it is a unique combination of only two critical components from the herb; salidroside and tyrosol. Half-a-dropper once or twice a day can sufficiently improve adrenal function through it's critical components [4] [5].
  3. Vitamin C as Ester-C : Vitamin C, an important antioxidant, plays a critical role in adrenal health, and can be used to support the adrenal glands, specifically when it is included as a slow-release form such as Ester-C; which is more dynamic and improves adrenal function on multiple levels [6] [7].
  4. Vitamin D : An overlooked nutritional component that is still deficient in many American diets, in cold regions, deficiencies of this vitamin are rampant and the crucial adrenal supporting effects of this Vitamin become weak as levels wane. It should be supplemented in a liquid form for best absorption and 2000 IU's - 2500IU's should be a starting dose for those deficient or needing a serious boost in their mood and energy [8] [9]. For those living in cold regions, 3000 IU - 5000 IU ''loading dose'' may be necessary for the first few days or first week. Thereafter, adequate Vitamin D levels can be sustained at a daily dosage of 1200 IU's [10].
  5. Iodine : Unfortunately this mineral is still overlooked in modern days, and it's uses span beyond thyroid health and immune health, it also plays a vital role in CNS metabolic functions [11] reproductive functions [12] and especially, adrenal steroid synthesis and adrenal function/integrity [13]. The GHC & Alex Jones currently have the best Iodine product on the market. It's called Survival Shield x2

Supplements to Increase/Raise Blood Pressure (How to Treat Low Blood Pressure Naturally) (Treat Hypotension with Supplements)

Low blood pressure is often a tricky problem to treat, since there are multiple causes and since medications tend to interact in different (often complex) ways with blood pressure. One may think that their low blood pressure, or hypotension is caused by a medication, when in fact it may be something as simple as dehydration, or the other way around. Either way, consistently low blood pressure (resting) and postural hypotension (orthostatic hypotension), which is low blood pressure upon standing or changing position, are both medical concerns, which, if untreated, may in some individuals negatively impact the Brain, Heart and Kidneys [1] [2] [3]

Now, if one does not present with any of the following symptoms, low blood pressure may not be a significant concern, unless it falls below 80/55.

Typically, symptoms of low blood pressure are the following.

  • Excess sweating [4].
  • Cold, clammy hands [5].
  • Dizziness [6].
  • Fainting [7].
  • Fatigue/Lethargy [8].
  • Sudden increase in heart rate upon standing [9].
  • Feeling unusually hot or cold [10].

Often, the reasons for low blood pressure are one or more of the following.

  1. Insufficient water intake [11].
  2. Insufficient salt intake [12].
  3. Adrenal Fatigue [13].
  4. Low Fat Intake (saturated fat, unsaturated lesser so) [14].
  5. Medications [15].
  6. Low red blood cell count, Anemia [16].
  7. Low levels of Vitamin B12 in the blood [17].

Considering the above, the most obvious remedies for low blood pressure would be.

  1. Increasing water intake [18].
  2. Adding sea salt, himalaya salt or celtic salt to the diet. A quarter of a teaspoon may be sufficient for some, added to water or foods [19] [20].
  3. Supplements to reboot the adrenal glands, follow my Adrenal Revival Stack [21] [22] [23].
  4. Increasing fat intake, eat more eggs, drink whole organic milk, such as this brand [24].
  5. Supplement with Sublingual Vitamin B12 if deficient.
  6. For medications, talk to your Doctor about switching to a medication that is blood-pressure sparing or has less influence on resting blood pressure, there may also be supplements that can help boost blood pressure, but it depends on why you are taking the medication in the first place [25].

For beta-blockers, if taken for Anxiety, the best action is to either reduce the dosage or switch to a lighter medication. Some may find Gabapentin to have less of an effect on blood pressure and equal benefit in treating anxiety.


If other methods fail, a supplement called Yohimbine may work very well.
--> I recommend Primaforce Yohimbine. It is 99.99% purity. It is pure yohimbine, pharmaceutical yohimbine, not yohimbe bark or herbal yohimbine.
DOSE DIRECTIONS : For orthostatic hypotension or low blood pressure, Yohimbine (not yohimbe bark) should be taken at 2.5 mg - 5 mg twice or three times a day. Consult a Physician prior to use. Read studies below.

It has been studied for orthostatic hypotension in large double-blind placebo-controlled studies on multiple occasions, and has consistently been beneficial in treating all forms of low blood pressure.

Caffeine at 200 MG 1-3 times per day, each dose spaced about 4-6 hours apart may also be very helpful in bringing up a low blood pressure [26] [27] [28] [29].

There is some evidence that Licorice root tea's and supplements may treat low blood pressure caused by adrenal insufficiency.

My recommended high-potency licorice tea is listed below.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Natural / Herbal Tryptophan Hydroxylase Inhibitors (Supplements to Block/Reduce TPH in Brain)

As always Area-1255 is here with another project of Innovation. This time we are going to discuss tryptophan-hydroxylase inhibitor supplements. That is, the only supplements on Earth studied to actually decrease the amount of serotonin being produced in the brain by directly inhibiting the serotonin producing enzyme tryptophan hydroxylase

There are a few reasons we would look to ''inactivate'' or 'inhibit' tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH).

  1. Some people are naturally born with more serotonin or less breakdown of serotonin, this can lead to disorders like Social Phobia [1], Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder [2], as well as cognitive dysfunction [3] and Anorexia [4] [5]. In susceptible individuals, of course, so therefore, TPH-Inhibitors may be of interest in those looking to try a natural alternative before switching to a synthetic compound. 
  2. TPH-Inhibitors may help delay or reduce fatigue and exercise-induced fatigue [6] [7], thus they are of value to those trying to increase their fitness level and consistency.
  3. TPH-Inhibitors may improve libido and sexual functions in men and women [8] [9].
These are the most prominent uses for TPH inhibitors but they are not limited by these uses. There are still many investigative uses that could be relevant, but for our purposes and for the herbs we are describing, these are the most notable.

There are really only 3 `real` tryptophan hydroxylase inhibitors that are over-the-counter, do not require a prescription, and are EASILY obtainable. 

:::..::..:::...CLICK the [!] Symbol to Explore the Source of Information Pertaining to the Herb in Question...:::..::..:::

1.) Eleuthero Root Extract [!] (Also known as "Siberian Ginseng" and by botanical names of Eleutherococcus senticosus & Acanthopanax senticosus).

  • It boosts energy fairly reliably.
  • It is significant enough that it is put in many energy drinks.
  • It seems to definitely delay fatigue and increase endurance.
  • It increases social aggressiveness when taken long-term.
  • It has a stimulating effect on the mind.
  • It can cause Insomnia.
  • It can increase anxiety if too high a dose is taken.
  • It has pro-adrenaline effects as well as anti-serotonin.
  • It causes constipation in some people.
  • It can increase cortisol.

Read this paper on it as well.

You can buy the herb extract in capsules HERE.

2.) Arginine Nitrate; L-Arginine blocks hypothalamic serotonin induced or activated by IL-1B (Interleukin-1β) [!] and it helps produce nitric oxide which directly inactivates tryptophan hydroxylase [!!].

I would buy a product like PES High Volume which is an overall nitric-oxide booster ("pump product") and has a lot of other stuff (+arginine nitrate) that helps increase physical, sexual and mental performance plus it tastes like cotton candy :-)  .

                       CLICK HERE for the Best deal on buying it.

3.) Paeonia Radix Extract (Bai Shao Yao) [!] : One of the more powerful herbal tryptophan-hydroxylase inhibitors out there, about on par with eleuthero but without the adrenergic activity. It can be bought primarily as a tea or decotion which is easily digested and tastes fair, not tasty, but fair, tolerable. CLICK HERE to Buy it.

I haven't really heard of a whole lot of people who have used it for this purpose so it's a bit difficult to list a bunch of pro's and con's but given the constituents of the herb it definitely seems to be more clean and linear in terms of it's mechanism of action. 

The only concern would be that at higher-doses only it may have some estrogen-like effects.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


 Fiendexxx, The Fiend Lord is the demonic alter ego of Phoenix MF Christ and encapsulates the apathetic, hedonistic, and self-destructive tendencies found throughout the collective consciousness of this nation's youth. He represents the disconnect from reality found through technology, drugs, and vapid, materialistic music. All in all they are an enigma to even their own creator, the darkest possible reaches of his [my] mind that seek to set themselves loose upon the porch of America's culture, slowly defacing the image we have of ourselves one piece at a time. The devil himself breaking the fourth wall of reality and unleashing upon mainstream society, to ensure we never again can crawl back into the darkness of ignorance, forced to now accept what we have done to ourselves, what monsters we have created, and forced to now take action in knowing thyselves.

Fiendexxx, also known as the Anti-Christ MC [with a philosophy], Triple X God, Drugly, Yung Spun, amongst other titles, is also a sex, drugs, and violence centric emcee, though the word rapper might be more fitting for this self-centered ego. All of the self-worship and strive for material wealth and possessions found in present day Hip-Hop is absorbed and made even more ridiculous than ever before with the depths Fiendexxx takes them to. The variety and amount of drug consumption references is taken to the extremes... the descriptions of sexual escapades being more graphic and disturbing than typically found in Hip-Hop... and the violence spewed being a eerie cross between cartoonish, out there depictions and real world tragedy.

The whole idea behind The Fiend Lord is to wake up the youth to the dark side found in all of us and to learn to work with it for the greater good as opposed to denying it and further putting ourselves in a deeper and deeper hole.

You can listen to my intial project "M!NDFry EP" at the following link

Stay spun, and stay drugly my anti-christs

Monday, October 3, 2016

Do Girls Like Stubborn Guys? (Do Chicks Dig Stubborn Guys/Men?)

This question was submitted to me by Jose' C.

"Hey Area, I was wondering if you thought girls tend to like stubborn men in general, it always seems like in class or even at the park, that girls tend to flirt with the hard-headed stubborn types, do you Agree?"

Short Answer : Only if it is stubbornness expressed selectively, subtly, naturally and not in a complainant, child-like or immasculine manner. Consistent stubbornness is more likely to be accepted after the said person is already in a relationship, as then the stubbornness is understood at a deeper level by both parties.

Long Answer: Women and girls in general, have a natural inclination to socialize with anyone who is witty, charming and funny, stubbornness often is expressed in a way, that if not overly obvious, appears as assertive and masculine. Therefore, women tend to like a certain degree of stubbornness in a man, if it is expressed naturally, and not in a complainant, child-like manner. If in a relationship, the stubbornness is specific and related to the mans particular preferences at work, or with his work, then it is unlikely to interrupt a relationship unless the guy takes his frustration out on the girlfriend. 

It is my experience (listening to girls talk about a guy in their class, or their ex etc), and educated opinion, that women do not like angry loud-mouth `men` that have not truly grown up yet to form a mature mindset. 
Stubbornness is only attractive to some women. 
Again, when expressed subtly, naturally, and not to an extent where it is vocally unattractive, immasculine or absent of any direction (meaning, girls don't like non-selective stubbornness which appears for no reason, and causes issues with communication).

What women do like, is fluid, assertive, and witty conversation. When a man is unwilling to change certain attributes, and is without discussion on the matter, unwilling to open his mind whatsoever, this is typically an unattractive trait to almost all women. 

Lastly, stubbornness meaning one is unwilling to change a particular argument, or being very sure of himself, can have its benefits if directed at a common goal - it is possible to be stubborn together in a relationship, after all, and some stubborn minds work very well together. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

What Does A Discriminative Stimulus Mean? In reference to a Drug or Action Discriminative Stimulus Means... (Definition of Discriminative Stimulus)

Q: I saw in an article that a drug ''produced a discriminative stimulus'' and in another ''discriminative stimulus effect resulting from X drug'', what does that mean, exactly?

A: A discriminative stimulus is an element; be that a drug, or presence of a particular food or being that produces reinforcement, stimulation or positive reward. In studies, rats are trained to discriminate, or identify and differentiate a drug and particularly, a drug which they know from prior experience, will produce a positive effect or rewarding effect, thus, a discriminative stimulus simply means a substance which acts as a stimulus, and that the animal can differentiate what that substance is. 

In humans, this occurs much more intentionally, and chronically, and under (often) self-made conditions. Meaning, a human discriminates that cocaine will produce a 'high', the cocaine is the stimulus that is being recognized, thus, it is discriminated, and thus, is a discriminative stimulus. 

Much the same pattern goes for rats and other lab animals, just that the reasons for doing so are based on the initiative of the overseeing entity (the human, or tester), therefore the rats aren't taking in a drug to get 'high', but because it motivates them or produces a shift in their mood. If the human, or tester wasn't there, the animal would never know it existed. 


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